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What is dp.garage?

This is a simple booking app that allows people to choose a date and time, enter their vehicle details and book a service, MOT or anything else you offer.

Customers are sent email reminders 24 hours prior to their booking date and can optionally receive reminders by text. You can also add the DVLA plugin which enables you and your customers to enter the vehicle registration number rather than having to fill out all the make and model gubbins.

This app can either be integrated into a custom design, one of our basic template designs or just as a simple plain page with your company logo at the top.

    • Monthly

    • £28.00

      • Quick setup
      • Friendly support
    • SMS Credits

    • £25.00

      • 100 credits
      • Optional
    • DVLA Lookup

    • £100.00

      • 1,000 credits
      • Optional

Are you looking for a low cost website that could be ready in a matter of days?