Service Level Agreement

Ensuring that your server is available for the maximum possible time is crucial to our success as a Business Hosting Provider. Our Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers the following points:

  1. Technical Support Hours
  2. Telephone Response Times
  3. Uptime Guarantee
  4. Hardware Guarantee
  5. Maintenance Downtime
  6. Scheduled database backups
  7. Scheduled template and asset backups
  8. WebServer Monitoring
  9. Disaster Recovery
  10. Security
  11. Privacy
  12. Bandwidth

1. Technical Support Hours

Feature Availability
Network Monitoring 24/7/365
Server Monitoring 24/7/365
Telephone Support (excluding Bank Holidays) 09:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri
SMS/e-mail Support 24/7/365

2. Telephone Response Times

Feature Priority Availability
Loss of Service Maximum 15 minutes
Server Slow Down Medium 60 minutes
Change Requests Low 09:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri

3. Network Downtime

Our average monthly network up-time is over 99% across all of our servers. We can make no guarantees regarding reliability due to the nature of the Internet and the various third party reliances. We will respond to a network outage at our earliest convenience.

4. Hardware guarantee

In the case of hardware problems with Dedicated or Virtual Private Server (e.g. failure of hard disk, memory, CPU, power supply, etc.) spare machines and parts are retained on-site. This enables us to easily change faulty parts or even replace the entire server within 4 hours at no cost to the customer. We will replace failed hardware but we are not liable for the loss of data that results from a hardware failure. We offer a credit allowance for hardware faults extending beyond 4 hours. This hardware guarantee is only available for customers using our hardware.

5. Maintenance Downtime

Scheduled downtime for Server maintenance and essential upgrades will be notified 48 hours in advance to our Dedicated Server customers. We endeavour to restrict maintenance to a maximum of two half days (total maximum 6 hours) per month. Where scheduled maintenance exceeds 6 hours the credit allowance will apply.

6. Database Backups

Our databases are backed up on a weekly basis as part of our hosting service. More regular backups can be arranged for an additional monthly cost.

7. Asset Backups

We offer a backup and archive service of all assets associated with each Website on the server to include Web page templates, image and audio files. Asset files are backed up on a weekly basis as part of our hosting service.

8. Webserver Monitoring

Our servers are continuously and automatically monitored. We are immediately informed of any potential problem so that it is normally rectified before your service is affected. Datapartners Virtual Private Server customers can apply to have their servers put on the alert system which will page you immediately via SMS text message if any problem with your server is detected. Additional fees are payable in advance for SMS credits.

9. Disaster Recovery

In the event of a catastrophic hardware failure the client may want to ensure safety copies of their Website configuration, databases, templates and all assets are held on a suitable medium at a remote location. Typically this would be a set of CD-ROM disks that should be tested for readability. This service would be costed depending on the size of files and data.

10. Security

Dataparters' security systems are first-rate. We have invested considerable time and expertise in ensuring that our security policies, at all levels, are comprehensively monitored and highly-tuned to protect our customers' best interests.

We are compliant with all best practice security procedures regarding data integrity, privacy and the communication of sensitive information.

As an example of this policy we continually reference both the Data Protection Act and British Standard 7799 - Security in Information Systems.

11. Privacy Policy

We will not pass or sell your private information to anyone else and it is stored securely.

12. Bandwidth

The bandwidth (data transfer) included per virtual Webserver/Domain is 4,000mb/month.

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